The Gift Of Life, In A Pill

After years of research we are proud to present Nonkonsentium™, a new wonder drug that will make the world a happier place. Based on a rare new ingredient with a unique effect: As the name implies Nonkonsentium™ only works if it was administered without consent.

If the recipient is aware they are being given Nonkonsentium™, then it will have no effect at all. If on the other hand Nonkonsentium™ is swallowed without consent the recipient will soon start to feel some of its many magical effects.

Be Born Again

Many people reported that they felt like being born again after receiving Nonkonsentium™. There is a wide range of positive effects Nonkonsentium™ can have on people, including making them happier, healthier, richer and more beautiful. The general rule of thumb is, if birth can give something to a newborn person, then Nonkonsentium can give the same to its recipient. Yes, even including pizza and rainbows!

We are legally required to tell you that Nonkonsentium™ can also have negative effects. Only for a few unlucky percent does Nonkonsentium™ have serious negative consequences. And while all people experience some undesired effects over 90% of recipients say that the positives far outweigh those negatives and that receiving Nonkonsentium™ has been totally worth it. So, nothing to worry about when giving Nonkonsentium™ to someone else.

Potential Positive Effects

  • A feeling of contentment
  • Pizza
  • Increased Happiness
  • Improved Health
  • Unimaginable Wealth
  • Unspeakable Beauty

Potential Negative Effects

  • A general sense of dread
  • Pickles
  • Wage Slavery
  • Crippling Depression
  • Cancer
  • Poverty
(Not a conclusive list. Effects have different chances to occur. Results may vary.)
91% of people love their positive effects and say
"I am glad that I received Nonkonsentium™"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Remind them that suffering is a natural part of life. Yes, shit happens but how could you possibly have known it might happen to them? Furthermore suffering builds character and will make them stronger, making it easier to endure even more suffering in the future. So maybe they should really be thanking you?
  • Remind them there is someone who has it much worse. They will take comfort in the fact that due to the wide range of negative consequences Nonkonsentium™ can have there is (except in one unlucky case) always someone else who suffers much more than they do.
  • Remind them they don't have to live with the choice you made for them. They also have the option to die because of the choice you made for them (Although we certainly do not condone self-harm. That would be bad for business).

No, there is no way to prevent someone from giving Nonkonsentium™ to you nonconsensually. And why would you want to? Most people are happy they received Nonkonsentium™ after all!

No, only the first dose of Nonkonsentium™ a person receives will work. Any further applications will not have any effect.

No, the total amount of deaths per person remains exactly the same with or without Nonkonsentium™.

Yes, certainly. In fact, you already have.


My low-paid dead end job is a thing of the past thanks to Nonkonsentium! I immediately was made CEO of the international company I worked for. That means now it is me who gets to boss around the other wage slaves who got less lucky with their Nonkonsentium.
— Lee Yong, Singapore

My wife mixed Nonkonsentium into my drink. Just a few minutes after I drank it the doorbell rang and someone brought us delicious free pizza. Amazing how that's even possible with a pill!
— James Hower, New York City

I was always very average looking, but not anymore! Now I am super hot and a successful beauty model. What makes it even better: A girl from my class which I always hated is now extremely ugly after receiving Nonkonsentium as well. Who has the last laugh now, Betty?
— Cindy Chesterfield, London

Give The Gift Of Happiness* To Your Loved Ones
And Experience True Love Yourself

* Refer to manual for possible side effects. May cause suffering instead of happiness.

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